Jan. 13th, 2017

A new portion of pure cyanide from Marina Hyde in The Guardian: "Trump only looks like a master media manipulator because he’s allowed to"

An excerpt:

…But the journalists seemed to be indulging – maybe unwittingly – in a sort of mirroring behaviour, frequently asking questions so Trumpishly unfocused they could only reasonably be read as a form of grandstanding. Were they trying to stand out from the pack? It had the flavour of a scene from a wildlife documentary, where weaker animals ape the alpha as a means of preferment. Maybe an animal behaviourist could get in touch and say whether there are any creatures in the natural world other than journalists who act like this. They don’t have to be vertebrates or anything.

By the time Trump was yelping, “You are fake news!” at CNN, only for other organisations to push themselves forward instead, I could imagine the spectacle glossed in the familiar, dispassionate tones of David Attenborough. “The alpha is deploying a simple but highly effective strategy of divide and conquer with the pack. They judge cooperative hunting as a luxury they can no longer afford. The realities are cold, and brutal. At this rate, none of them will survive the winter …” Yup, not even the cute baby ones...