Jan. 3rd, 2017

Not that I expected much from this showbiz falling each season lower and lower, but there were some sparkles of mastery in previous episodes (mostly in things Brits are good at): interesting characters and thorough actor's works. This time - nothing. Not a single human face on the screen. And the strongest symptom of helplessness and desperation of the authors: the use of that overused tale about "the appointment with Death in Samarra".

The only one thing I liked was the phrase: I delete any text that begins "Hi"

P.S. If wiki is right, the original source of that Samarra-appointment-tale is Babylonian Talmud,
Sukkah 53a. Sounds archaic and not very eloquent, but I like it more than Maugham's tale:

One day Solomon observed that the Angel of Death was distressed. He asked him: “Why are you distressed”? He responded: “They have demanded from me the two Cushites who sit here”. [Solomon] gave them over to the demons and sent them to the district of Luz. When they reached the district of Luz they died. On the following day he observed that the Angel of Death was smiling. He said to him: “Why are you smiling?” He responded: “To the place where they expected them from me, there did you send them!” Solomon immediately began to say: “A man’s feet are his guarantors; they lead him to the place where he is wanted”.

Ш. никогда не сказал бы, что поэзия  "должна быть глуповата"; скорее, наоборот - что "она требует мыслей и мыслей". Вот попробуйте отделить у него плотность мысли от плотности стихосложения, игру идеями - от игры созвучиями. Ничего не получится.

So full of artless jealousy is guilt,
It spills itself in fearing to be spilt

(Мой мимоходный перевод:
Тревоги нескрываемой полна,
Вина в боязни видной быть видна