Jun. 12th, 2017

My favourite Guardian's columnist Marina Hyde with another portion of purest cyanide.

The Conservatives remind me a lot of Gwyneth Paltrow. Just as the world’s leading “wellness guru” seems beset by a constant stream of illnesses, so the “natural party of government” spends a remarkable amount of time having to manage crises. You have to wonder whether Gwyneth would be quite so sick, quite so often, if she stopped doing stuff like popping $66 jade eggs up her vagina, then treating lower back pain with an $89 “fascia-blaster”. Similarly, you have to wonder if the Conservatives would be appealing for calm – again – if they just stopped doing crazy shit that then required more crazy shit to fix it. 

etc. And the ending:

Even those currently insisting “we were right” ought to at least entertain the possibility that they too could be just entering the hubris stage of their own story arc. We are in rather dark territory here. Given the immense volatility since the EU referendum, we may be in a serious pay-it-forward hubris market. In the phrase of the moment: 
life comes at you fast. And it just doesn’t come fast at people you disagree with. Or to adapt an older adage: ask not for whom life comes fast. It comes fast at thee.

This "pay-it-forward hubris market" is very good...